Paavo Matsin wins 2016 European Prize for Literature with his novel THE GOGOL DISCO


Today the 2016 EU Literary prizes were announced. Estonian writer Paavo Matsin was among the 12 winners.

Tuesday, April 5th 2016 

Federation of European Publishers (FEP) together with the European and International Booksellers Federation (EIBF) and the European Writers' Council (EWC), with the support of the European Commission awarded the 2016 European Prize for Literature to twelve emerging European writers. Among them is Paavo Matsin from Estonia with his novel The Gogol Disco

The Gogol Disco takes place in the near future, in a small Estonian town Viljandi. After a war and consequent occupation by Czarist Russia the town has been taken over by settlers from the East. Townsfolk’s peaceful, memory-free existence is suddenly disrupted by a resurrection of 19th century Russian horror writer Nikolai Gogol.

Paavo Matsin (b 1970) is an Estonian writer and columnist with a double university degree in filology and theology. His sharp commentary on the daily issues often takes a form of wildly imaginative parables. Paavo is also a prolific literature critic who occasionaly pens a children’s book or a screenplay for an offbeat cartoon. The Gogol Disco is Paavo’s third novel in the magic-reaiistic Livonian trilogy where past and future effortlessly blend together to reflect on current affairs. Previous two books are Dr Schwarz. 12 Keys of Alchemy and The Blue Guard

The Gogol Disco also won the literature prize of Estonian Cultural Endowment as the best novel of 2016.

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